Making companies and staff more successful in the long term

Making companies and staff more successful in the long term

Two minds, one goal: Your success

You give your best every day! And we do our best to support you in this! With our High-Level-Perfor­mance concept we improve and optimize the effec­tiveness of your managers, employees and thus the perfor­mance of your company in an econom­i­cally and socially meaningful way.

Our services, your added value


A sound and broad spectrum of services in the areas of Executive & Personal Coaching, EMDR and Teamcoaching.


Preparing managers for various tasks and challenges: In project management, commu­ni­cation, and management areas.


Organi­za­tional consulting with a focus on content, process, and commu­ni­cation optimization along the entire value chain.

Online services

Stay in touch with team partners and trainers with due distance: Web-online Course for your sustainable devel­opment in important areas of leadership and work.


With us, you benefit from our integration into the strong network of the High-Level-Perfor­mance Group, from a clear philosophy and methodology.


For us, Frankfurt is the place to be in Europe. Because this is where entre­pre­neurial spirit and openness to all cultures and ways of life come together.

Social Distancing?

All seminars can be conducted as online courses!


Changes in life and biography work
Life design for more quality of life
Lecture/individual coaching

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Digitizing as an agile manager

  • Overview and orien­tation Agility
  • Agile project management (Scrum)
  • Innovation management (design thinking)
  • Toolbox for the practice (Effec­tu­ation)

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Agile working and leading:
Overview and concepts

Exploratory meeting
in Frankfurt,
on Oct. 30, 2020
Project Management ‘Compact Training
Making everyday life easier — success­fully imple­menting new ideas
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Virtual guidance: How does it work?
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